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​ Academic Success 

​Daily Living Skills

​School-Readiness Skills

Behavior Challenges 

At Koaba Kids, LLC we are licensed and certified to provide ABA Therapy and Early Intervention services to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other special needs. This includes:

​ Communication 

​ Potty Training

What We Do

​Q: ​Where are ABA services provided?  

​​A: ABA services are provided in home,  school, and/or community settings.  
​Q: ​What is ABA?  

​​A: ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) is an evidence-based teaching method used to help children learn a variety of new skills including how to communicate effectively, succeed in school, establish new friendships, and learn daily living skills such as potty training.  

​ IEP/504 Plans

​ ABA School-Based Programs 

​Q: ​Who can benefit from ABA services?  

​​A: Any child who has educational, 
behavioral, or toileting concerns can
benefit from ABA services. 

​​ ABA Therapy 

​Social Skills

​ ABA Home-Based Programs 

​​​​​At Koaba ("Ko-ah-bah") Kids we provide ABA Therapy and other Educational & Behavioral Services to children of all ages in home, school and community settings.  

Potty Training 

& ​

Behavioral Services 

Does your child have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder? 

​Early Intervention Services 

​​​ Functional Behavior Assessments

At Koaba Kids, LLC we are trained to help you with the following: 

Does your child have toileting, educational and/or behavioral concerns that you are not sure how to address?